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Mystic Rose Aura Mist (Balance)

Mystic Rose Aura Mist (Balance)

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It is time to connect with divine flow. 

When we connect to divine flow this opens up more portals of magick! We create more space to receive blessings. 

Mystic Rose helps you understand to be obligated to yourself and strengthen self love. Nurturing yourself is important and feeling self compassion to know what pace you can withstand. Mystic Rose helps you understand when to rest and when to take action. When we feel balanced that is when we can take leaps in our timeline!

Allow yourself to feel a deeper sense of gratitude . Mystic Rose helps you connect to gratitude and heal struggles of receiving. This all leads to greater abundance in your life and your ability to withhold it.

This aura mist helps you heal the divine feminine within all of us. At the core of divine feminine is strength  Like a rose has thorns Mystic Rose provides protection as you connect more to yourself here on Mother Earth. 

Mystic Rose reminds you that you can do everything in flow. Flow allows you to connect with your world around you on deeper levels. 

Great combined with: Diosa, I See, Love Story 

 Shake well before use. 

Reiki, magick and intenion infused.

Scent: Rose

Crystal: Quartz & Kunzite

2 o.z bottle.

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