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Abundant Joy Lip Gloss (Joy)

Abundant Joy Lip Gloss (Joy)

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Abundance is all around us! It's a matter of us allowing ourselves to receive this. 

I connect to tree spirits when creating this lipgloss. Abundant Joy focuses on the subconscious to work releasing fear and worries.  This helps ensure that you are fully in the moment here on earth!

This lip gloss is connected to your upper heart chakra . You will feel harmonious, grounded, present, and connect with high consciousness. This will help you spark new thoughts, epiphanies and downloads. 

This helps spark an energetic burst and encourages to get outside and move your body! This is great for when you are spending time outdoors or if you want to focus on spending more quality time with nature.  

If you are feeling lost on your path this lip gloss can help guide you on the right path. You will find your way back! You can continue your journey on your soul's path with optimism . This will help remind you that you are always co-creating with the universe. Feel the abundance of joy and share the joy with others!

 Reiki infused.

Flavor Oil: Watermelon 

Almond oil is used in all lipglosses. Manufacture is not a nut free facility. 

Vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free. 

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