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Crystal Ball Aura Mist (Intuition)

Crystal Ball Aura Mist (Intuition)

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Look within the crystal ball and see what answers you will find. We all have psychic gifts and intuition. Unlock yours and dive deeper into the mystic.

Crystal Ball aura mist helps you connects with your psychic gifts and helps unlock your intuition. This is great to use while channeling, working with clients, dream work, or wanting to strengthen your gifts. Use during meditations to help receive guidance or use during a healing session to allow yourself to dive deeper into the messages from your spirit team. 

This aura mist connects with all upper chakras. You will feel protected and grounded as you connect with the other side. This is very important to help receive clear messages for your highest and greatest good! 

Strengthen your relationship with your ancestors, guides, and protectors! Allow your relationship with the universe overall to heighten and receive downloads and insight on our time here on earth. 

 Shake well before use. 

Reiki, magick and intenion infused.

Scent: Apple & Rose

Crystal: Obsidian & Quartz

2 o.z bottle.

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