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Dancing Queen Aura Mist (Happiness)

Dancing Queen Aura Mist (Happiness)

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Dancing Queen aura mist helps you move through transitions in life! Change and adapting can be overwhelming. We tend to hold repressed emotions within the body. Allowing yourself to dance and move helps with the releasing process! Fully embrace your new chapter with enthusiasm!

Dancing Queen helps you dance away any built up energy! The energy you give off is contagious so this allows you to uplift others around you as well! Internally release what is needed and celebrate life.

Release the idea of being stuck and close doors to illusions of limitations. Our souls live forever. We can move and sway through discomfort and growth. When you reach this euphoric state and allow yourself to embrace your eternal life, magic happens!

Dancing Queen aura mist allows you to feel in harmony within yourself. Balancing the divine feminine and divine masculine. Helping you release illusions that you can't dance. Feel empowerment in where you are headed. Dance away from what no longer serves you!

Shake well before use. 

Reiki, magick and inention infused.

Scent: Peony & Nectarine

Crystal: Quartz

2 o.z bottle.

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