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Fierce Baddie Aura Mist (Strength)

Fierce Baddie Aura Mist (Strength)

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You are fierce! Time to call upon your inner strength .

Fierce Baddie aura mist connects to your sacral chakra. This chakra governs our emotions, creativity, and pleasure. When blocked we lack inspiration and vitality. Trauma and stress is known to be stored in the second chakra. This will help heal and activate your sacral allowing you to live more boldly! 

 This is connected to Sekhmet. She is a Goddess of war and healing. This aura mist helps you connect to her nurturing side and feel her protection surround you.

Fierce Baddie helps to protect from you internalizing projections from others and confidently continue to call back your power! You will feel your life force energy rise and feel unstoppable! 

Behind fear is all that you desire you are FIERCE! 

 Shake well before use. 

Reiki, magick and intention infused.

Scent: Tangerine & Musk 

Crystal:  Carnelian & Obsidian 

2 o.z bottle.

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