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I Am the Spell Aura Mist (Road Opening)

I Am the Spell Aura Mist (Road Opening)

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You are magick!

Feel that fire energy and self assured in every action you take! 

I Am the Spell helps align your chakras. When you are grounded and aligned with your spirit is where creation happens! Feel empowered and not easily let down and refusing to give up. 

Amplifies your thoughts to help you tap into your creativity and innovative thinking. Know you will successful in everything you do without needing to see the full picture.

Helps open roads to new opportunities! 

You can spray in your workspace, car, or on your vision board to feel motivation and open doors! 

Great combined with: Divine Timing, Armor, and Manifest.

 Shake well before use. 

Reiki, magick and intention infused.

Scent:Floral & Violet Sage 

Crystal: Quartz & Carnelian 

2 o.z bottle.

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