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Radiant Goddess Aura Mist (Confidence)

Radiant Goddess Aura Mist (Confidence)

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The universe loves to see you SHINE! Radiate from within and connect with your inner magick.

Radiant Goddess aura mist helps expand your aura and connects to your Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakras. Allowing you to connect with your own light. 

Subconsciously we tend to compare ourselves to others.  Which leads us to feel self conscious and go inward. When in fact we are all on our own journey! This aura mist helps release the need from outside validation. When we stand in our truth we attract amazing individuals around us. We become leaders and feel ultimate independence. 

With this aura mist you can help others find their inner light! Allow yourself to see the beauty of your gifts and the importance of sharing with others. Feel a burst of energy and vibrancy enhancement. You will feel more comfortable expressing your soul and feel so aligned within yourself. 

When we focus on our own journey we see the countless blessings that is before us and dismiss any feeling of wanting to play small. We were meant to dazzle! Feel so full of life and ready to claim what is yours. 

 Shake well before use. 

Reiki, magick and intention infused.

Scent: Papaya & Floral

Crystal:  Rutilated Quartz & Red Jasper 

2 o.z bottle.

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