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Social Butterfly Liquid Eyeshadow (Popularity)

Social Butterfly Liquid Eyeshadow (Popularity)

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Feel comfortable expressing yourself! Be the life of the party and feel in your element. 

Social Butterfly is great for entrepreneurs and individuals who deal with social anxiety. This liquid eyeshadow helps you transmute the energy around you. You will feel grounded and still full of energy when in large social settings. This will also help protect your energy and enforce boundaries. Social Butterfly focuses on the solar plexus. This helps you feel conversational and charismatic .

Great for hosting events/parties and networking. For content creators or entrepreneurs this will help you channel for social media. As well as ways to help  branding and marketing. 

Crystal: Red Jasper 

Manufacture is not a nut free facility however, the product is nut free.

Vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free.  

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