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The Key Lip Gloss (Expression)

The Key Lip Gloss (Expression)

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We hold the key to everything! Clear blockages in your throat chakra and crown chakra.

Our words can unlock doors and opportunities. Every word we speak are spells. Say the right thing and the right time! Perfect to work with while setting intentions, working with clients, connecting with loved ones, and public speaking.

Connecting with spirit and your authentic self! Working with this lipgloss will help prevent you from negative self fulfilling prophecies. Speak freely and become fully understood. By first understanding yourself. 

When we speak our subconscious makes connects! Unlock your limitless potential! Our throat chakras are our channel between our reality and the divine. Allow your soul to express itself! 


Reiki infused.

Flavor Oil: Mint

Crystal: Quartz

Manufacture is not a nut free facility however, the product is nut free.

Vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free.  

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