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Your Highness Lip Gloss (Empowerment)

Your Highness Lip Gloss (Empowerment)

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Feel your true power. Stop holding yourself back and embrace your limitless potential! 

Your Highness helps remind you that you are royalty! You are meant to take up space. Speak your truth and release old programming. Most of us unfortunately had seed planted in our subconscious. Seeds of self doubt and fears. You are safe to fully express yourself. 

Don't hold yourself back no more !This helps release the fear of outshining others and the judgment of others. See yourself for what you truly are. Time to dig deeper, shake things up, and create! 

Reiki infused.

Flavor Oil: Pomegranate

 Almond oil is used in all lipglosses. Manufacture is not a nut free facility. 

Vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free.  

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