🦋 Manifesting Monarchs ✨ - Monthly Manifestation Experience

Hello Monarchs! 🦋

I have been eagerly awaiting to announce the new offering within Monarch Dream Co.!

I present:

🦋 Manifesting Monarchs 

We will meet each last Wednesday of the month, and we set our intentions for the month ahead!

60-minute via Zoom

Each call will be a mix of:


Intention Setting

Custom monthly mantras

Oracle Reading


And most of all, tapping into YOUR magick!

Each month is full of phases, and so are you, and each month when we meet, we celebrate our wins, share our milestones, release, heal, and manifest!

This is a group experience, and you will love the energy of the group, the community, the support.

If you are shy, don't worry!  You can sit back and relax, journal, and enjoy the energy.  There will also be an active chat during the call, so you can always say hi on there as well!

Can't make it live?  Don't worry!  It will be recorded so you can watch it when you are able to.

And yes, it is just as powerful as being live on the call.

An email will be sent to you with the Zoom link, how to prepare for the call.




🦋 About Me

I am Brina Monarch.

I am honored to be your guide each month in this new journey!

You can manifest anything you want.


Not sure if you believe in manifestation?  Let me show you!

There is so much magick within you waiting to be reborn.


Are you ready to create magick?

I'm ready when you are!