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Divine Timing Aura Mist (Trust)

Divine Timing Aura Mist (Trust)

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When you trust in yourself and the universe you are aligned with your soul's path.

Your soul's path leads you to your destiny. 

Divine Timing helps you call back all your energy to the present. Do not be a prisoner of time. Trusting in divine timing is allows you to see the magick happening in this exact moment! You can only manifest and create change only in the present.

Divine Timing aura mist helps you regain trust and feel a sense of serenity about the timing of your journey. This helps you align with your destiny! When you are lead by your heart you can never fail. 

Divine Timing aura mist sends healing to your timeline. Release the fear of the future and not feel paralyzed. Sends soothing healing energy to your past self. Helps soothe side effects of quantum leaping.

When applying Divine Timing aura mist take a moment to breathe imagine all your energy being called back to you. 

Great combined with: I Am the Spell, The Mirror, and Abundant Joy. 

 Shake well before use. 

Scent: Floral & Sandalwood

Reiki, magick and inention infused.

Crystal: Quartz & Amazonite

2 o.z bottle.

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