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Love Story Lip Gloss (Love)

Love Story Lip Gloss (Love)

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Love Story lip gloss helps draw in new love into your life! Helping you be enchanted and mystified by love. This lip gloss provides protection from individuals who are not aligned and allowing the love vibes to surround you.

Love Story helps heal heart break from family, friends, and romantic partners. Continue to move forward and end negative cycles when it comes to your relationships. This lip gloss allows introspection and connect with your higher self and understand what cycles must end. 

This lip gloss helps you speak up about your needs in your relationships. Allowing your present relationships in your life to strengthen . Including your relationship with yourself. You will have a greater sense of safety being vulnerable with your loved ones. Including with yourself and providing a deeper understand of your needs and desires when it comes to love!

Flavor Oil: Cherry

Almond oil is used in all lipglosses. Manufacture is not a nut free facility. 

Vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free. 


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