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Underworld Baddie Liquid Eyeshadow

Underworld Baddie Liquid Eyeshadow

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The Underworld holds so much knowledge. We were always meant to dive deeper into our subconscious and reconnect with our infinite consciousness. 

Underworld Baddie helps you connect with your inner world. Connecting to underworld energies helps us connect with our shadow self, inner wisdom, and subconscious. 

Underworld Baddie Liquid Eyeshadow helps strengthen your third eye to help guide yourself through the subconscious and seeing what you must release. Go with the flow of what you feel with confidence and seeking the answers you are meant to find. Become royalty of your own underworld and release the fears or shame surrounding your shadow self. 

This is great if you would like to connect with underworld energies as well. Some of us decide to go within while some of us feel the push. Either way Underworld baddie will help you feel so confident on your journey and allow you to feel grounded as you work through your subconscious. 

Reiki infused.

Crystal: Smokey Quartz

Manufacture is not a nut free facility however, the product is nut free.

Vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free.  

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