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What path should I take? Oracle Reading

What path should I take? Oracle Reading

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Having trouble making a big decision? This oracle reading will help you reflect on the two potential energies for the two opposing options. This can be in relation to career, relationship, college major, or a move. Any situation that you wish to receive guided messages that provide insight and support while making this decision. Your guides are here to always help. Ultimately you make the final decision when it comes to anything in your life. This helps you have a clear analysis before you decide which path you should take.

I set the intention to connect your spirit team and receive messages only for your highest and greatest good. I am sure to protect the space in order to reveal your divinely guided messages. It should be noted that this is a reading of the potential energy. You have the ability to follow course or change direction based on messages. Your guides only provide messages to help you reach your desired path!

I am honored that you have chosen me to help you along your spiritual journey! I handle your session with care and am passionate with helping you with whatever you may need.

By law, I am required to state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only. I am not liable for any actions taken from readings.

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