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Wonderland Liquid Eyeshadow (Creativity)

Wonderland Liquid Eyeshadow (Creativity)

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Look at the world with eyes of wonder! Connect with your inner child and creativity.

Playfulness is such an important factor of seeking fulfillment. Enter into your own personal Wonderland. Explore, create, and send healing to your younger self! Connect with your inner child and feel a sense of joy of what you have become. This eyeshadow helps you look at life with a different perspective. Notice the magick that surrounds you! 

Wonderland allows you to play and create a magickal safe haven for you and your inner child. Your younger self has so much gratitude for where you are today. You are creating with every breath you take. We make up the universe after all!. 

Children are known for their creativity because they don't understand the "limits" of dreaming. They continue to speak their deepest desires and understands everyday is a new adventure. 

Your adventure is just beginning. Return to your Wonderland and explore! 

Crystal: Quartz 

Manufacture is not a nut free facility however, the product is nut free.

Vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free.  

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